Everything will be fine

Another day under quarantine. We should have time for many things, be carefree and rest, but somehow I notice in people a quiet sadness. We pretend to be easy, but we don’t really know what will happen tomorrow, what the new measures will be and how many will be the victims.

It is probably not a good time to think about our future. I realize that all the plans we made yesterday may not be realized. Maybe now is the time to realize how transient our lives are and how everything can change in seconds. We are here today, tomorrow we are gone. I wish I was not a pessimist. I wish to give you hope. I wish I could give you a hug, but lately even the hugs are virtual. I have written before how we need to get back to true communication. Face to face and eye to eye. But we have to admit one thing: nothing is in our hands anymore and nothing depends on us. But there is one more thing I would like to share with you. Staying at home gives us a chance to get closer to our souls, to clean them and to create comfort in them. I have a good feeling that this ordeal will soon pass. The question is what will we be then? Will we be the same as we were about two weeks ago? Will we finally learn patience? I do not know. All I know is that we will not be the same. And not only will we not be the same, but we will be better people. Yes! Change is frightening! It is stressful at first, but then it becomes easier. Because even though it’s scary, there is something good about it. There is a chance to erase the past and build a new future. You have a chance to change something within yourself, something that has been pulling you back for years. Just accept that all you have to do is adapt to this uncertain world. Although change can be painful sometimes, it is better than being helpless. Therefore, it is best to take a deep breath, give yourself a break and listen to your own common sense. Because the winner is not one who is not afraid, but one who retains the ability to think clearly and soberly, even in a crisis situation.

I believe that nature wants to tell us something, sending us this . We have a duty to overcome it, as hard as it may seem to us. Now is the time for us all to hold our hands together, yes – virtually ,but we shoud be united. To survive. To stay here. With smiles on our faces and with shine in our eyes. United people waiting for the next morning. Everything will be fine. I know it! It depends on us how soon. And for the finale, I will tell you only one more thing – Take care of yourself!

Thank you for your attention!


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