Do not try to escape your problems

The problem of working people is that they always want to experience something new, something interesting. It is as if the thirst for adrenaline is too big to be able to fit within one human life.

We live so that we do not miss the news that is shared on social networks. We live to hurry all the time and accumulate negatives for insignificant things. We live to focus on small difficulties and suddenly we turn into small people. We forget that the most important time of the day is the time for yourself and for your loved one. We forget that our work is not us. We forget to stop and look around. We decide to spare time for rest , but we do not stop even for sec. I see how many people are traveling to different countries and how little of them do it to absorb the energy of the destination. Because the journey is not task, my dear ones. It is a process. I know you want to escape from everyday life here and see what’s happening around the world. However, wait … solve your problems on your native soil and inside yourself, and then – travel every month even! Only in this way will you have the opportunity to see everything that the new country can offer you. You should not run away from reality by moving into a parallel one. This does not eliminate the worries we have.

So my advice is – travel to get to know yourself … not to get away from your problems.

Bon voyage!

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