The darkest is just before dawn

Have you noticed that the situation looks darkest before it starts to improve? We are constantly witnessing this in the movies. And there it is, because life itself abounds with such examples.

The darkest is just before dawn. As if life is testing us: “Are you serious enough?” And usually the larger the goal, the darker the clouds are. Probably in your life there were times when you were desperate and disillusioned, ready to quit, wondering if your efforts are in vain. And then you met someone who managed to lift your spirit and help you, or the situation suddenly turned to your advantage. This is the truth, because in cases like these, this principle works. But as long as we have enough persistence, our reward is sure. Once we understand this, life no longer seems so traumatic. The truth is that the universe often challenges our determination to pursue our goals to the end. It’s enough to hold on for a bit longer and … Bingo! With this awareness, you gain a step ahead of the events. And that only means that success lies behind the next corner. Then you will feel better.

Life always challenges us before we achieving any significant goal. If we accept it and look at the obstacles as a mandatory part of the way to the ultimate goal, first, we will not give up and, secondly, we will be able to achieve everything we dream about. And do not forget: When the situation looks most hopeless, it turns out it’s time to celebrate. Because you are just a step away from the goal. Good luck!

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