Friendship between women and men


What is friendship between man and woman? Many people argue that there can be only friendship between representatives of both genders, but often the facts speak other.

The truth is that men can be great friends for us – women. But we must do not forget that we come from different worlds. Every woman needs at least a real man to himself – from a friend who always gives to her the other point of view. Yes, it’s great to discuss men with girlfriends, but it is quite another to talk about them with someone ,who certainly has clue what is going on in their heads. It can give you adequate advice and be useful where female logic is flawed. Men are not interested in the details, they are primary and do not like to deepen too much. Therefore, your best friend will tell you if your behavior was wrong in some situation. Men avoid the drama did not understand the meaning of the gossip ,they are not in a state of constant competition and just friendship with them is more relaxed.

It’s nice to have best girlfriends, but also it is nice to have someone friend of male sex , with which we can talk about everything. This friendship may to be only advantage.

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