The real love

Love is to wake up to your loved one and see his smile. One trembling on heart ,when you meet his eyes. Love is unexpected kiss ,insatiable longing, when you are together….. Bullshit!

Love is neither romance nor butterflies in the stomach and even longings. This is not the love in real life. In real life, love is work – 24/7. Exhausting, frustrating, sometimes you are on the verge to refuse. Love is to overcome your ego and to make compromises. Doing them quietly and without reproach. You must to realize, that you will not always be first. Not necessary. It should not be a problem.  Love is to accept that you will be overlooked because of work, friends and habits.´ To accept this fact with wisdom and understanding. Quiet and confident. You have to learn to swallow ,when your pride is hurt. To squeeze teeth and accept it. To giving second, third, fourth chance ,becouse the love is work, and sometimes the results come slowly.

Love is to waiting, to accept, to understand, to change. Because for love we need work, time and perseverance.  And so while two people start working as one and “I” become a “We”. Everything else is just Hollywood contraptions.

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