Gift for you

Until now I have written a lot about ,what gift to make on your loved ones for the holiday. And since there are only two days until the big day is a time to think about yourself. Some will call it manipulation. However to hint on your beloved what you want is a service ,especially for him. Because nobody likes to see false joy.

The most obvious option is to hint on your beloved. You can try to go together to explore the shops and long to admire of what you want to get or for example to tell to him for a great stuff on your friend ,who much you want to own. But there is one “but.” The vast majority of men agree that hate innuendo. Mainly because they do not understand them. Therefore also a good option is to say what you want. Or I for example, today I bought a lovely pair of shoes and I told my boyfriend that this is my gift from him. So ,I am 100% sure I will like it.

Of course, not everyone agrees with these methods. Thereby losing the surprise. But according to me it better to not surprise, than the surprise to be bad.


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