Our friends may disappoint us

There is hardly anyone who has not experienced this dull pain here on the left. The pain of a wound carved from friendly hands. It can happen on the best childhood friends. Until yesterday you believed in this man, and now he hurts you. How is it possible?

For that are blame our high expectations. If we do not allow ourselves to be fascinated, we not be disappointed. Of course, it is impossible not to be charmed by the people nor helpful for our relations with them.  We can not have pleasure to find wonderful people in its path, and in the same time to have eyes for their shortcomings. It’s hard to be objective when it comes to human relationships. People and relationships between them are constantly changing. We have to expect all from everyone. We are all equally wrong and is well to aware of the shortcomings of our friends. So we will not be unpleasantly surprised. Friendship ,also the love , are human relationships, and nothing is more volatile, sensitive and uncertain from them. Every different things happen. It is quite normal one to change or to change his interests and the other to remain as usual. Then comes the disappointment.

Of course your friends will listen you and will help us with whatever they can. But we should not think that we as their friends get into their priority list. And the sooner we make peace with that thought, the faster we will stop to be disappointed by our friends.

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