For choice to be single


For most people, finding a partner is a top priority in their lives. And why not, it is nice to feel loved, to have support in difficult moments, to build together the future with your loved one. However, not everyone thinks so. There are women and men who consciously choose to be single. No, because they can not keep their relationship, just they consciously choose to be single. So – what makes these people prefer to be single?
Individual freedom is extremely important for people who do not want relationship. The uncommitted have available 100% of their personal time and thus feel free. They do not have to comply with their mate. img_4939They can go to bed and get up when they want. They can to see with their friends without wondering how to allocate their free time between love and friendship. Single people also can choose their food to their own mood without thinking whether it will appeal to their partner. Can choose what to watch on television, and a bunch of other things ,without complying with the views of their mate. In this sense, the people who consciously chose to be single are one kind of selfish ,for that personal comfort is very important. They just like the lives of singles. The full life does not always mean that you must to shared life with someone else. On this view are some people who have no problem with the status of singles. They are confident enough in themselves, sometimes very dedicated to their work, financially sound and they unwilling to be with someone just “because this is right”.

Madness or not? Everyone chooses their priorities and decisions. Nobody can judge you for the way, on which you think. In relationship … singles … who cares ?! The important thing is to feel good and happy with the way of life.

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