To love yourself completely


In life relationships we build with others, always have a limited time. Whether for days, weeks or decades, at some point these people will go away from our lives from unforeseen circumstances or deliberately are left from our lives. It is important to remember this, also that img_4977change can occur at any time. And the closer they were to our heart are these people, the more long we will suffer for their absence.

For that we need to know  that the only person who will be with you until the end … its only you. People who love themselves know that relationships with others are essential and they bring true happiness and joy, but unconditional love and support can get only by yourself. They do not rely on others’ approval and support. They are strong enough to accept that they can not appeal to everyone. They know ,if they count only on the others for full support and approval, this only can lead to low self-esteem and even hurt feelings. Instead they respect, support and love yourself constantly. When you begin to take more time to get to know yourself, accept and love both ,good and bad sides, then you’re going to enjoy fully for the time ,who you spend for itself and you can turn attention on your needs, desires and dreams.

To reach the moment, in who totally accepted and come to love yourself is a slow process, but worth the effort. When you completely accepted yourself and start living your own life, even moments of stress and severe trials are more bearable.

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