We can begin first

img_1751We are critical, we make remark for the behavior and action of this or that. All in choir are agree how we should be more good, polite, helpful, tolerant … So far so good!

We want and we expect a lot from the people. If we do not get approval ,immediately we are ready to rebuke him. All boils down to “I want and I need to get it.” When we want something from someone , we first must to asking yourself the question – if I’m correct, polite, courteous and respectful to the other. In short, when we have a claim to the other, we ourselves have to be a good example of this. Each new day is a new opportunity, a new challenge, a new time to make a new start in changing. We first can to congratulate and start the day with a smile. We first can to ask forgiveness. First we apologize ,if you’re wrong. First we can congratulate the human ,whose successes are impresses us. First, we can help to whoever needs us. First we take the first step towards better relations for which we dream.

First we can be part of and to positive change. When we give without expecting when we are sincere and consistent in your thoughts, actions and decisions, then the whole universe congratulate us , by sending a powerful energy that we see and discover the world with different eyes … the eyes of love and heart.

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