Time to say “sorry” to us


The lives of most of us go into apologies. We apologize to your loved ones. We apologize and those who are not so relatives for us. We apologize for things ,for that need to apologize. And for those that do not need. We apologize again and again. But … we remember to apologize to the most important person …

But there are so many things ,made and unmade , expressed and unexpressed ,because of that we had to apologize to us … It is time to say to yourself “I’m sorry” for having ignored on you. For too long, you put yourself in the background. That too long you comply with all except yourself. Now is the time to tell yourself “I’m sorry” for having underestimated ourselves.  About this ,that you thought didn’t deserve more. Say to yourself ‘I’m sorry’ that lie to yourself to now. For this ,that you say to the black – white. That you took from your power and give it to someone else. You should apologize to myself for that you forget for yourself. For too long you drowned out the voice of your heart. For too long you tried to forget their dreams. Too long to continue more !!!

You’re the one who really deserves to hear your “sorry.” We must not forget to apologize to yourself …

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