Senseless people



IMG_7892I know some people who are always busy – with himself. Or atleast they wantsto look busy. And sometimes they really are. In most cases, when you call them on the phone, they answered that they are “in a meeting”.

This happened to me before ,when and I drink coffee with a “friend”. With her we are talking nonsense, and when her phone ringing, she replied – “I am in a meeting”. I mean business meeting. Therefore, from business meetings with such people there’s no point. Come to think, i work the best with people by phone or mail. If there is something, about we can not understand with a few words by phone or email, this no will happen and in face to face. With these people , I am talking about , difficult to make meaningful conversation on the phone… They usually want a few meetings … severalSuch people usually not answer their phones with days and also their phones are always busy.  When they late for meeting, they send you a text message to  postpone the meeting usually say they have been to the doctor. They can always find something for which they get mad to you. And you’ll never know why. I share this because I have met such people. Just I beginning to learn to recognize them. Such numbers do not pass to me.

I write this to remind you not to get angry for nonsense. And if someone you not answer  – just delete it. So your phones will no be filled with names , that you do not associate with anything.

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