Freedom is wealth

We live in a material times. Times in which to afford a vacation, you have to work for it a long time. Nowadays, people they assessed against how much is your salary or how much you give and how you take. Nothing, that’s your business.
However, whether you are rich or not, no one except you can not know. But sometimes wealth requires much more time and dedication. To be rich for me means to IMG_8455have free time for loved ones, for your hobby or just so! To be rich is to have time for your favourite stufs. To have the ability to ignite your car and to go somewhere without direction and with
out a plan. Just like this! For the moment. How many of us can afford this luxury? We are engaged in planning for the future and on this way we forget to live in the presentIt seems as if we ought to bolster our time. Do not remain free minute to take a breath and for relax. We are busy with what follows this week, this weekend or this summer…
But the rich human is free. And he can afford to chase the sunset without a planning on this advance. Or put another way, freedom is wealth! Be rich in adventure and wonderful experiences!

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