The murmurs through summer

I jumped to the sea for several days. Every year I find time to go there and to enjoy the sunset as I slowly drink iced cocktail. Sounds great, right?
In other side – do you have a impression how we constant murmur against the big heat – “Outside is IMG_9307appalling! , “We’re like in the oven!” , “Can not to breathe!” , “Nightmare!” , “How come alive ?!” ? And more, and more, and more … many words against the highly anticipated season! Before we continue to grumble against the summer let’s go back seven or eight months before. Do you remember all tones clothes that must be put on us before we go outdoor? Remember how much you hate the huge winter jacket and how much you want to replace it with short pants and thin blouse. Do I need to remind you the feeling ” I do not feel my toes,” as well as the wind that pierces to pain? And to be honest – none of the children not seemed happy ,like at the children’s winter song. Is not it better to enjoy on that we can to stay in the park until late, instead to blaming the summer. It is completely innocent and does not deserve that murmur, with which we showered him! Daily!
Let us to enjoy the moments, when evening we are with cocktails in hand. Let us rejoice in the wind, which can be a wonderful sea breeze. Let us enjoy on the bare toes. Let us enjoy on the summer rain, on the sea ,on the summer dresses with straps …

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