Do not lie!

IMG_8044“On the lie ,legs are short ‘- known, trivial, as real as the truth. The more you procrastinate to tell the truth, the more bitter it becomes shared late.
Most people just utter the lie as on a deal by which they hope to win, but it always eventually find themselves losers. Why not just be honest when you need? We just close ours ears, hoping that the hidden truth will pass us by. But it’s not like that. Long hiding on the truth eats up us from inside. And when you are sincere , frees you from this burden .The lie is only a mask, makeup … Any truth uttered on time and at the outset saves dramas that can cause over time. I am confident that when you tell the truth, no matter how disgusting and painful it is for everyone, she will be accepted much better than after lies, trying to hide it. Say the truth, though in the beginning to you think ,that this is a cruel. Say the truth without element of self-preservation and she will respond with love. But even you to stay misunderstood, for you will remain award for showing courage in name of the truth. The burden will fall from you ot may be not, but then at least you will feel better and will continue your way without heavy saddlebags.
So my slogan is “Do not lie! Say the truth now, immediately and it will hurt less for everybody. “

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