The clothing like a mirror of our soul

Half of the impression, who we make on a first date is due to our appearance. People says “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” , but we cannot not take this into account because our appearance shows our inner world.

We – the people are one entirety from habits, tastes, skills and understandings. Our fiv1clothes reflect this. Therefore appearance is important because it tells people what they can expect from us. This association between appearance and inner qualities are imposed in society long ago. Now ,when everyone can look as you want, the connection between the clothes and the personal qualities is not so great, but adequate outfit  according to the situation is still extremely important for the success of any meeting –  business or personal. Thinness comes from just how short is skirt or what are the shoes and whether the shirt is buttoned to the top or not. Because often the difference between stylishly dressed woman and inappropriate dressed woman is in an one unbuttoned button.

The appropriate clothing will help people against you to remember you as a person, not from colorful manicure and big jewelry. For it is good to be able to select our vision according this to where we go and what we want to show.

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