Why do we have to plan everything?!

I wonder why people stopped to improvise and not be left solely to the mood of the evening, especially as regards for good mood. Why is it necessary to plan each evening from A to Z?

My experience so far shows that the planned dinners are several times more boring than any other ordinarIMG_7602y and familiar evening. Because they served you something unusual and different. I say boring because recently good atmosphere with expected for something special  it turned out to be a place full of people who leaf through the pages in their phones , without emotions, stepping from one foot to the other, demonstrating pitiful semblance of dance and they drink a fiery liquid from which they expect so good mood. Does not work. The good mood does not come from planning. It springs from you and depend from the right people in the right place. We’ve all heard “There is nothing accidental”. Then let’s leave in the hands of that ,who people call fate, other energy and whatnot.

Certainly in the life of people is set to have fun. Just we need only to give time for that when we feel right moment. Even without planning the special day, place and people. Things happen amazing , when we wish from the heart , not because they are pre-planned.

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