Signs along the road of life

We all go somewhere and on our road we meet with many people who also go in some direction. Question of the right choice is whether this time we will continue together. People say destiny knows his the work, but fate just shows us the road and the other depends on us . We no right to blame fate. She shown us only the opportunity.

IMG_7879Sometimes strange coincidences hurl us a little off the road. Characters are those who tell us next turn ,turnoff, change of direction or end of the road. To properly decipher these signs is our work, not the work of fate. In life are many signs , but first we must want to see them. Fate has done his job, she gave us the opportunity to fly, and we are the ones who choose whether they want to rise higher or prefer the security of a straight and gray road. On the highway of life, we often missed the “Stop” sign and so we fail to happy the scenery around us and to enjoy each stop along the way.

When all in you tells you that it makes no sense to fight anymore, when you screaming inside , and you stubbornly and self-destructive go forward despite everything and everyone … then even fate raises his hands and she surrender.

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