Do not rush


All more or less live under steam, but when your existence loses all control and it did not you like it , you understand ,that is better to slow down the pace and to stop and look around.

Always we rush! We hurry to grow up, to can not mom and dad  tell us what to do. We do not think that this is the best time of our lives when Mom and Dad take care of us. We hurry to leave native home ,to be independent and can do whatever we decide. We hurry to meet with him / her ,because of fear ,that we can stay alone. And from hurry ,we lose so valuable and not so, relationships and friendships and  often we make mistakes. From hurry , we have no time to live! From rush we can not feel the sweetness of life! From rush ,we can not feel the bitterness and then become aware and overcome it ! No sense in all haste.  We should reconsider your life and live with all the little things that happen to us. Because the small things always are important.

Enjoy life veeeery slowly, drop by drop. Like on a good wine, in small sips to feel the real taste and  it touches all your senses… So , on this way , you can feel that you really live.

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