For missed chances in life


With a friend, yesterday we had heated discussions about what we achieved in life and what we missed. This brings us to an interesting topic … our favorite phrase ,who often we used before several years ago ,when we were naive and carefree was “If my husband was a millionaire “IMG_7865

With her ,we always talked about for the good thingsthat ,with who we will have the comfort and material security, without to thinking about how we raise our children, how we develop our careers, whether the money would go food, credit or  for our education.. Such brilliant ideas comes to us ,when we are “in the movie” with our spouses, millionaires … we believed, that our lives would be much easier. We would be more courageous example to invest in their own business or to try to become famous actresses. We thought our lives would be orderly and will have more time to take care of yourself – to practice different sports and to attend different courses that will shape our personality. And maybe so. But yesterday when we thought ,about this our favorite topic, we concluded that we had the opportunity to do all those things without our men were millionaires … Everything was in our hands, we have had the strength and energy to be any we want, but we missed the opportunity.

People wrong ,when they say that for nothing is never too late. On the contrary! If we could go back, we would not discuss such nonsense in  style “If my husband was a millionaire.”.  The millions have always been in our dreams, but then , we had to invest in yourself and now we can have at least part of what we dreamed.

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