Life Without Rules

Hello friends!
Three years ago, when I created this blog, Life Without Rules, I wanted to create a blog that makes people feel better. The content to not be burdensome, but just unloading, but why not raise your mood. And I hope I’ve succeeded. But what worries me now is that I may have been misunderstood with his name and will explain why.

What I want to say with Life Without Rules is not its literal meaning. In no case do I want to urge anyone to lives against the laws. We all know that in most cases this does not work well for ourselves. But it often happens to get desirable or undesirable opinions from others about what you should or should not do. That’s exactly what I mean if these views do not match yours, you do not have to take them in. My advice is to listen only to your heart. If you screw up – you will only be guilty. This is not at all disturbing. I personally dislike people who constantly look for guilt in others. After all, the final decision, anyway, is yours. And a man learns from his mistakes. That is why we MUST do what we want in this life… and without much care! Taking things too seriously is a serious waste of time. So do not even take the name of the blog so seriously.

But why then “Life Without Rules”? Because everyone has their own visions! Mine are such and the name of the blog is the way I re-paraphrase them! The point is that we should not pay attention to every single thing that bothers or annoys us in our everyday life.  Just because not all are worth the worries. At a time when the nerves are a limited series, it is healthy to not care too much and this turns out to be one of the most meaningful philosophies of today’s life. About that I think whatever I want, I disagree on matters that are unsuitable for me; I fight for my rights. I have yet to come face to face with injustice in life. I haven’t seen almost anything from the sour reality. Everything comes down to either fighting for the freedom of your personality or being a slave to someone else’s interests. Someone can try to make you feel guilty, try to break you down, but your psyche must remain iron! The free spirit is the greatest wealth. The Rule “Simplify! Simplify! Simplify! “Is trying to remind us that nothing is as dramatic as seems and that the ability to say “I don’t care” automatically saves you from a lot of tears.

You have failed in something – do not care. You will try again and you will know the problem for the next time . Someone said something bad about you – do not care. It is not possible everyone to like you. You were disappointed – well, and ?! Soon you will have something to enjoy. You made a mistake – do not care. This is how one learns. Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have parted ?! Well, no, you can not think of them either. Every drama is unnecessary. In this very short life, two important things are important – to be over things and not to lose courage. Courage to keep going courageously and confidently. To overlook all those problems that are so small. And no, the “do not care” principle is not a form of irresponsibility. It is that philosophy of life that teaches you to see the difference from the truly meaningful things and the others. It makes you see the difficulties not as an occasion for mumbling, but as a challenge with the potential for a springboard. That sobering slap that shouts with a full throat: “You live today! Run from excess drama! “. And yes, now you will say that worries sometimes come alone. It is a fact, I will not argue with it. Sometimes the tension is great. But if you’ve done all your best, it’s best to just retire and relax from the emotions. Emotions in difficult situations may harm you. In these cases try to relax.

Life is yours. He is the only one and is the greatest gift you receive. Nietzsche said there are two life rules. The first is not to worry about trifles and the second … That all things are trifles!  After all, life is about enjoying it, is not it? So there are some things that we should not take so seriously. One must strive to find fun and useful in everything he does. And most importantly with passion! The practice has shown that even the worst events are going away, and we are adapting back to the world. And then something better is coming.

It was important for me to take all the trouble as an essential part of my life and move on. In fact, I wanted to perceive them as a driving force to push me into the future and give me such a positive attitude that I can not imagine my life without these unpleasant moments. Now I would not change anything, even if I could. There is no way back, just ahead. Turn this into the motto of your life – go ahead. All the answers are in you. You know more than it is written in the books. All you have to do is look at yourself, listen to yourself and trust yourself.


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