We are creatures of nostalgia. We feel good when we remember moments from the past or even smells. We’re going back because we feel something familiar.

While the past may remind us of the simplicity of our lives, it can also fill us with darkness, past mistakes, conversations that should not have ended in this way, and many situations filled with conditionalities. We have a habit of staying there with thoughts of choices that we should not have done. It is easy to think about all alternative exits from different situations. But it will only slow you down, you will become a prisoner of the past. You have to remember that it does not define you. As much as you want to convince the other way around, the future will meet you with countless choices every day, every hour, every moment. It’s so clear. Just because you have not achieved your goals so far does not mean you have failed. The way your relationship is over must not stop your desire to love and to be loved. If you think you can not forgive something, you need to understand, that there is a way. If you look in the past for too long, you will miss the future. Put it aside. Be grateful to him because you have reached this point. The choices you make today and tomorrow will also be part of your path too soon. Every day is important.

Moving forward, not turning back, means to find peace in yourself. You can not change the past, but you have the chance to choose your future. You have the power to go forward the way you want. I hope you take advantage of it.


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