Chase your dreams now

The biggest misconception we live in is the illusion of endless time we have. Sometimes we do not realize that the opportunities that fate gives us are like a train. They come, they stop, and if we don’t catch them on time, they just leave.


We look for new dreams, we fight, we dream again, we discover new challenges, we overcome our fears and we live in that moment … and right now. There is no need for unnecessary vanity for tomorrow or anxiety for the past because only at this moment do we really exist. Everything else is an illusion or a memory of something gone. But dreams – they are something different. It’s worth thinking about. A person who wants really something will force his fate to recede. It is up to everyone to decide what to do with their lives, what to invest their time in, and what dreams it is worth fighting for. But do not miss the opportunity to dream in time to make sure you have enough time to make them come true. And right now, I think we need to make the important point – pursue only your own dreams. Those who truly rejoice you, those who will fill your whole being with pride and trembling. Don’t be fooled. Your dreams are yours – do not pursue those of your parents, friends and loved ones, because their dreams will not make you happy. Do not be discouraged if someone does not believe in your desires – it is enough you to have faith in them. Don’t give up on something you think about every day! By this, you will know your real longings. Whether it is a subject of romantic lusts, a glamorous career, a super modern car – don’t let the dream disappear into space.


We humans, by nature, are constantly on the lookout for something new, so after fulfilling one dream, we are already thinking of the next. And remember that overcoming obstacles to your dreams come true is not a matter of education, social status or physical information, but of freedom. The conquest of a dream happens at the most appropriate moment for us.

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