Fear of happiness

Fear of happiness is a serious problem. It happens to those of us who have waited too long for something that in the final has collapsed. Maybe it happened to you. You are happy. Finally. You have the stability you always wanted. You’ve started to get everything you’ve dreamed of over the years and it is wonderful. But for some reason, you think you deserve nothing of that. A small voice in your head does not stop repeating that this is not real.

This comes from the doubt in ourselves. We hear so often how unfair the world is, that every piece of happiness that appears is perceived as something we do not deserve, so we become suspicious. But it should not be. Everyone must experience their happiness. Yes, the world is not fair. Yes, what has made you happy will not give you that pleasure forever. Living in fear, however, believing that you deserve nothing, is what can destroy you. You’ve suffered so much, gone through countless difficulties, and now it’s time to forget about sadness. The happiness you have is much greater and stronger than all the pain you have experienced. You deserve it.

I hope you will find a happiness that will be 10 times greater than the pain you have ever experienced. I hope you will enjoy it wherever you go, whatever you do or it happens.

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