Life is unique


Sometimes life is terrible, really. When we go through a difficult moment, it is very hard. We notice everything around us. We also see how people leave. They laugh and entertain, and you burn inside. You feel empty and you think no one cares.

But even if they care, they do not go through the same thing you’ve been subjected to. You are suffering and fight with all your strength, but nothing seems to happen. But you have to deal with it. You can get distracted. Sleep. Drink. Eat ice cream. So you will run away from the dark thoughts in your head. Yet you have to win this battle. I know it’s a torture, but you have to win this battle. You do not deserve this to happen to you, but it is. This destroys you and hurts. Your self-confidence collapses. You can not be the same. Thinking about how it is possible to recover after all this …┬áBut you can! Because you are stronger and you know how to fight. Life is like a fun roller coaster that cannot go up if it does not go down first. You’re different. Not better person, but different, because the roads that you passed through are remarkable.

Yes, I believe that everything happens with a reason. Any obstacle along the way will push you in a new direction. Sometimes life may be unbearable, but it is yours. It’s unique. What’s happening to you is meant to be for you.



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