Change yourself – Change your life

To be happy, we need to work hard. We have to make the first step. As we stand on the edge and hesitate to jump, the universe creates for us a certain opinion: “It does not seem to be particularly serious. You will get help when you fully dedicate your dream. “

To achieve results, we must be ready for everything. It will cost us a lot if we leave everything to chance. Everything falls if it is neglected. Every effort is needed. It is important how we look to the efforts. We must make efforts because that is what we WANT, because it is a privilege and a joy to learn, to test our strength, to experiment and to gain experience. Many assume the mistake of working only for the end results, not for the pleasure of work. And if the results do not justify their expectations, they feel disappointed. How to work with love to work? Just take this decision. Just like with the happiness. And in this case it is a matter of choice. The secret of happiness is not to do what you love, but to love what you do. Many people hope that problems will somehow be solved. They want everything to be easier. But things get better when we start getting better. Circumstances change only when we change, not before that.


It could not be otherwise. To change our lives, first we must to change. If we are not ready for this effort, tomorrow’s day will be just like today’s.

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