Say “No”

If you are too good, people picked up on your head. We know this from kids from our parents ,but yet many of us do not hear this warning and lifetime suffer from the effrontery of others.

Never too late to learn to say “no.” This can sometimes be the only way, because most likely the problem comes from your inability to refuse.  Anything can be say in the appropriate manner. To say “no” does not mean ,that you will offend or be rude. You can explain your point of view and to justify your refusal. But if you want to say ‘no’ ,do not say “yes.” Because of this your false “yes” ,you become a cause for your own problems in the future. Better is you to be honest from the beginning, even opposite to pouted you, than to enter in hypocritical scheme that would hardly satisfy anyone. Let’s say that tonight you do not want go out. You want to stay at home with your spouse and to watching movies. Do not let your friends make you feel guilty because you have such a desire, and in the moment, you have no desire to see them. There is nothing shameful and insulting in your needs. On the contrary – submitted them clearly and boldly. So your friends will respect you more.

It pays to make the effort and to change the attitude towards you and to those who previously misused with your kindness.

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