Ugly side of fear


Has it ever happened to you to not taking on a crucial step in his career ,because you thinks for all the bad scenarios that can happen. Has it ever happened to you to prefer to stay in the same place?

Fear is your enemy. An enemy who is not afraid to attack in broad daylight, he came to steal from our lives every time when we make decisions that will change our lives. The fear is usually unwarranted, unrealistic, illogical and nameless. And I’m afraid sometimes. At such moments I could see only the negative side of things. Of course, I do not think that fear is always bad. Sometimes fear keeps us from making a bad decision. Some people are motivated by their fears to become better. Fear of failure motivates others to make additional efforts, thanks for it to reap success. In these cases the negative emotion is used for good. But in most cases the fear limited us. Fear makes us see only negatives in a given situation, no matter how many are its positives. Fear sucks the life out of us. They do not exist anywhere else except in our minds. If we do not get rid of fear, we will never be free. If you are constantly looking at what can go wrong in life, career and your relationship, you deter your happiness. Life, filled with constant fear is meaningless.

Fear kills. Fear keeps you constantly on the edge and kill your potential. Fear tells you that you will fail, but you have everything you need to succeed. Fear prevents you live!

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