Be stupid!


I admit, sometimes I’m pretty stupid. I do dumb associations and overreacting. Talk me for one, I think for another and as a result, I say any stupidity.

However ,to expose you sometimes can be very fun. And most adequate response in these moments is to laugh at img_5278yourself and switch to regime self-irony. No need to apologize and do not have to look guilty. Just joke with your stupidity. Is emphatically, the better. Because it is human and because it is not scary to be silly sometimes. It is scary not to realize it and to pretend ,that not apply to you. And the truth is that everyone ,somewhere ,has ever been a fool. It is inevitable. So be stupid … sometimes. Ask stupid questions. Give stupid answers. React inadequate and not be ashamed of it. Love the idiot in yourself because it helps you to not lose yourself. Reminds you ,to not take too seriously and that you are not sinless. Because to do a sinless is the biggest mistake.

So not scary to behave silly sometimes. We should not care! You only need then to know how to laugh at yourself! Only when you laugh on the fool in yourself, a person can to be truly wise. Not surprisingly, people have said that between the sage and the fool have a one joke distance.


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