I want my cliches back

“When a woman loves a man. When a man loves a woman” – these words lately sound like a cliché. The sentences seemed to lose their charm. But the life is so boring without them.

Sometimes I watch old movies to feel the romance ,from which ever I also learned on love. For so little time people have changed so much. But I want to be clear – I do not talk about values and nor try to give savvy. I’m just trying to express my personal observations. I just miss those dialogues that are inherent for the love. Feelings should be shared. Touching is not enough. The communication makes us human. Instinct draws us to each other, but love requires speech. Do not get me wrong! I am not naive. I know ,that the times are different, also I know when someone loves someone, it is not important exactly, how he can show it. Because the love is universal – again cliche!

It is Spring! I go out on the terrace and I inhale fresh April’s air. I hold my breath. Then I exhale, dazed by the sun and sky, which is returned his saturated blue color. I want my cliches back!!!

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