The begging


I do not go much on foot, but I know few beggars from the neighborhood. They are regulars – one wants 5 cents, and the other 1 euro. The first I see ,that often drink beer, and the second – to feed the dogs. I do not know their history. Rarely have time to listen to people’s problems that are not present in our lives.

Yesterday, walking around town, I saw a woman who was leaning on the fence of the kindergarten to us. I quickly went around her, but she with upset voice turned to me with the words “Madam, please help me …”. That made me to stop and go back. The woman was with visibly a big kid, at least 8-10 year, well dressed with jacket with a hood. I thought something had just happened to them and I asked what was. The woman said with tears in her eyes that her child is sick and needs sixty several lev to buy him an antibiotic ,panadol, nose drops and vitamins. She was artificially blond, apparently in good health and decent looking. She explained only that it is not a beggar, but now she is forced to ask for money to help their child. I do not have even wallet in me, only a debit card. Almost I late for my hairdresser hour and I figured that if returned to my home to give her at least Panadol, I will be late so much and will miss my preserved hour. I told the woman that I’m late, I have no money on me and I can not help it. She thanked me that I stopped ,bless me and said “Pray for me” and she stay on the road crying. This meeting upset me. At least because I am a man and mother. And the woman looks honest… I told everyone in the salon. People who walk more walk said ,that sometimes they help, but usually in daily they meet dozen people that they want something and if you need to help all ,they need to work for them.

I do not know how you act in such cases, but every time I run across people like these ,my heart is shrinking. I guess yours too. This is a problem of every city in our country. Somewhere the begging are considered a crime ,elsewhere are sanctioned. I do not know why our police and the Municipality can not cope with this problem. Some beggars are homeless or do not have the choice to work due to disability, others have decided that this is the easiest way to earn money. This is so sad – but fact…

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