How to recognize true friends of pseudo friends

Some time ago I wrote about Facebook friends. May be to you too weigh your little virtual communication ,that takes from us the real contact with our friends. A “like” here, a heart there, a few playful comments are sometimes the only way to communicate with our old friends. Yes, some time ago I spoke precisely about this – how friendship became digital. But now I want to talk about how to recognize true friends of pseudo friends.

Even if you’re squabbling about something, then surely she would not think it all season. She will find a way to apologize or to remind for yourself – maybe with something sweet, a small gift or a nice meeting privately in the park and two cans of beer. If you you are guilty, she will not struggling long before tell you,that she forgive you.

The true friend not compete with you. For her is no matter how many times she invite you on guests and how many times you buy the whiskey at yours favorite cafe. She is genuinely happy for you and never envies!

The true friend is there when you need it. No matter whether you need a shoulder to cry, spoon salt or a dress for a wedding – it is there. She is ready to dump the pan on the stove, to leave the dog without walk, to not sleep all night – just to make you feel good.


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