To stand high


To stand high has nothing to do with the arrogance. Life offers us many opportunity to participate in events from which to learn. Over time, the wise man leaves the envy and malice aside, he focus on the natural understanding ,that we are all different. To forget is the better solution. And although ,that the bad feeling remains, you can confidently push forward ,because the best is always coming.

Often we unconsciously hurt someone. Often we do not know how to put ourselves in the place of the other, because we are convinced that our problems are the most important. But not so. Because the charity is unnecessary if the motives for it are selfish. We inhabit a world in which personal interests and benefits outweigh all. They determine our actions. They motivate our silences. But if no people around us the succes is not pleasant nor is it possible joy. To stand high, means looking at things from the height of your own magnanimity. If you are not able to see the world through the eyes of the suffering men, you are quite small, despite the top, who you climbed. If you can not understand love feelings – you’re not capable of love.

To stand high, it means to be realized that only goodness contain sense. The ego is a prison. Arrogance is a sure sign that you allow on your fears to win. And this is not life. It’s just existence.

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