Lying is part of everyday life for each of us, recognize it or not … Lies and hypocrisy accompany our entire lives. Of course, when I say lies , I have in mind even those little innocent sentences ,who we spoken only in order not to hurt the feelings of the interlocutor or to look good in his eyes. Another big part of us lie to hide the mistake ,who they have madelie to gain some benefit to deserve attention or even to arouse the admiration of someone. But what do we achieve this?

After all, there are no perfect people and that to express our personal opinion, makes us, what we really are – people with different personality. Yes, maybe it is somewhat true, that are achieved respect and personal happiness … But that’s not really true. This is an illusion and self-deception. We – people lie to save ourselves from scandals and quarrels, to not hurt our closest people … But sometimes we can not realize just how much we damage with this – we turning in restless and nervous. Besides that could easily be the cause of lost confidence in us by others, it can lead to much more serious problems. Of paramount importance it is to succeed in time to abandon the lies and self-delusion in the reality in which we live. Only then can we regain our courage again, to get people to trust us and to reduce the stress that we have gained in the daily effort to conceal our lies. Try to eradicate this bad habit ,to feel happy and successful.

Аlthough, in our lives is going to have ups and downs, happiness and destruction, it is important to remember that even when we think that the situation is hopeless, there is always salvation. And in most cases the salvation is in front of our eyes. We just have to open our nature and mind to see it. Because there is always hope, and the lies sandwiched between truths and makes them suspicious. Only when we realize this simple truth, we will begin to live much easier, calm and at peace with ourselves.

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