All women have one ,who …

Ah, men … Every one of them is a real mystery. Like a box with different kinds of candy. We always come across some – good or bad, sweet or bitter. Or from those in tinfoil, which no one wants to eat.

My point is that each train has its passengers and as people say – ” The trash for one, is a treasure to another.” So I sat down and thought how in life we meet many and different men, but always, absolutely always, in our heart, soul, mind and our aura, remains one particular ,who stands there and just refused to leave. Just as your butt refuses to leave you and all life it walk behind you. In the same way this special man remains forever in some corner of your heart. He may have been a strong love, first love or first real asshole who broke your heart. Does not matter exactly what function is fulfilled in your world, importantly, he does not want to leave, and this can be very annoying or from other side – very inspiring. I think in this case we have to choose the option with the inspiration and to take as many experiences and lessons from the “ass” in our lives.

The common between them all is that they are no longer in our life. No matter if they are not from a long time or from several days. They have gone from our everyday life, we no longer have a common path with them, but we have common memories and common lessons, and they are valuable. And you should value them. Exactly as prices every part of your body.


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