Giving a chance is part of our lives. Whether it be to yourself or to someone ,does not matter. We all need to know that we can rely on someone just to waving by hand and say – Ooookay, but look out for the next time! This, however, concerns the second chance. Not for the third and definitely not for everyone after him.

In love and relationships, gatherings and divisions are a frequent companion. Like there’s nothing out of this circle. What are people doing? They divide, gather, divide, gather. But we often cycle in the same place. We choose between two or you just give one more chance to the one you’ve been with. Like ,no other out of this circle. But why you do that?! And the question itself is not even worth the time it takes you to ask it. The question you really need to ask is what you do when you lose something. You cling to the remnants of the familiar, fading and already lost thing. Or do you run it? In our lives, the things often change. Even those who thought they would never change. And with them you have to change yourself too. Sometimes, no matter how much you hope, and no matter how much you believe you will feel better with someone just because he ever been in your life – you’re mistaken. It will not happen. You have to go out and look. And believe me, when you do it, you will see that you have the strength to start again and rejoice again. You will know that there is life outside this circle. So get up, girl! Let your tears to dry out of the wind ,while you’re running. Do not stop, even when you get to other men who do not make you happy, do not stop, even when your legs start to hurt, do not stop when the brain tells you – I can not do it anymore.

Stop only when your heart tells you to stop and do not forget that you only have something when you look for it and you do not miss it when you find it.

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