Autumn is not bad at all!

It’s autumn. The rains have gone out now. Traffic on the streets in the morning and at dusk is terrible, and there seems to be nothing to correct this bad mood and attitude toward the autumn … But it’s such a wonderful season that we can not let it be disliked. That’s why I will remind you of some simple things ,on which we enjoy the most during the autumn, and it is exactly when it rains.


If you’re in the office and are in a bad mood because of the bad autumn time and the terrible traffic, just find the time for yourself for 5 minutes by the window and remind you how many good things is ahead.


Or you can ask your supervisor not to travel to the office in bad weather and stay at home and work from home… lying on the bed with your laptop and a cup of warm coffee.


You can read an interesting book and dring your favourite cup of aromatic tea.


Or cuddle with your loved one at home under the covers when you’re both home.


You can call a friend to chat for 2-3 hours on the phone because the weather is unpleasant and not suitable for a walk.

See? Autumn is not bad at all!

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