Happiness is…

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

― Gandhi

Everyone has an individual view of what happiness is. And Gandhi is absolutely right! What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see the person you want? Is it honest to believe and dream about something and not to live it?

Ask yourself the question – Are you sabotaging yourself? What prevents you from becoming the person you really want to be? You know you have to do something – to work on your projects, to be there when your loved ones need you, to eat healthy … but still does not seem to be enough. Think about how your day has passed. Did you act like the person you want to be? Did you take at least one step towards your dream? Do you know that in order to start having the life you want, you have to focus only on the ultimate goal and on the small steps you make everyday? The idea is to put as much love and desire as you can, otherwise it would be ineffective. One thing is for sure – we all control ourselves, so just choose and decide! What does the ideal day look like for you? Try things that would make you feel good. Make a list of them and try to act purposefully to fulfill them. Choose to replace bad habits with good because it all depends on your decision to do so. If you feel that you are losing motivation, something in your wishes is wrong. When you feel what you want, there will be an energy and inspiration ,but that does not mean it will not be difficult. On the contrary! But the desire to go through this and achieve your goal will be stronger. Be sure there will be times in which you will not have any power to act, but if you overcome yourself – then you will feel good, happy with yourself. No matter how weird it sounds – praise yourself. Every evening you must to realize what you have achieved and what was the meaningful step this day. Say to yourself: Bravo!

Winners act as winners before they are! If you do not act as a winner today, you will not be tomorrow!


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