This is why the autumn is not that bad

Summer is superb, spring is beautiful, winter is festive, but in autumn there is something magical. The leaves begin to fall, the rain washed all the memories of the summer, and in my wardrobe the short jeans trousers are replaced with a long. With the coming of cold days, the style changes.

Even though ,that suffers from the sun’s rays and the sea, every lady secretly dreams of putting on her favorite boots and putting on her new hat. Take a cup of warm tea, sit by the rain drop window and see why women are eagerly waiting for autumn.

***Autumn is the right time to try some more saturated and dark hair color.***

***Warm seasons usually predispose for fresh and lighter scents. But with the autumn, you can put again your favorite perfume in your purse with a fragrance of musk and sandalwood.***

***Dark lipstick returns to fashion. And in summer this year, vamp lips were actual, but in fresher colors. In autumn the dark red lipstick will be use again.***

***In the autumn days you can cover up your imperfect manicure with elegant gloves.***

***You get the green light for the dark colors for your manicure. This summer the neon and brilliant colors was modern, but with the fall of the first leaves, you can also lacquer your nails in black or brown.***

***The rainy weather and the short light of the day give you the opportunity to pamper more. In a hot tub with quiet music and a nice book, or just sit down on the couch.***

***Finally it’s cold enough to wear hats so your hair will be protected. In addition, hats help you quickly make your hairstyle for the day.***

***Replacing sandals with boots means your pedicure can last longer.***

Yes, perhaps because of these little things we like the autumn. So enjoy yourself. Make good use of the good weather until last and collect the last sun rays.

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