Autumnal equinox

Today is the day of the autumnal equinox. A day that is both an end and a start. A day to turn your back on what’s behind you to look at what’s ahead of you. And what has long been waiting for you. Today is the day of the autumnal equinox. Change Day. For Growth. And awareness …So today take the time for yourself and do these things:

Make the decision to free your life from everything unnecessary. And take the first step towards that. Get rid of unnecessary things and unnecessary people. Of all that steals from your happiness. Of all that pulls you back instead of pushing you forward.

Take a look at yourself. Start listening to yourself. Take into consideration yourself. Take care of yourself. Be your most faithful support. Your most faithful friend. Hear the voice of your heart. Start living for yourself.

Realize how rich your life is. See everything you have. Forget about the things you do not have. Or you think you do not. Enjoy every moment. Hug him. Experience it. Then let him go away to meet the next one. With gratitude and awareness in your heart.

Give a relaxation to your soul. Buy a new book, try a new hobby, find a new place to retire and recharge yourself. Start walking more often outside. Listen to nature. Let the sun caresses your face. Breathe in the aroma of the leaves under your feet. Give yourself a cozy home. Clean it up, rearrange it. Buy something small but beautiful. Put fresh flowers in the vase on the table. Create and enjoy the beauty and tranquility around you to feel them in your heart.

Smile. To yourself. And the people around you. Smile the day. Smile to the world. Carry the smile in your soul and give it to everything and everyone around you. Because the autumn comes. And because they are expecting wonderful things …

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