Get rid of unnecessary clothing and accessories

Each of us has at least 10 things he no longer uses in his wardrobe. This can be an incredibly difficult task, because there are things that we have been gathering for years and those to which we are emotionally bound.

But from time to time we need to throw away our unnecessary clothes and accessories. Not only to make room for new ones, but also to make room for new memories. The phrase “I have so many clothes and I have nothing to wear” is not a accidental. The more you accumulate and wear without renewing your wardrobe, the more it seems that nothing new comes into it. You do not have to do a huge cleaning the wardrobe at once, it is easier and saving time is to just do things step by step. So…let me help you:

 Loose and worn bras


Face and body products that are almost empty and do not use because you already have new ones


Sneakers that are literally torn from wear but are so comfortable


Any garment that has not been worn for the last 9 months


Old Bags bags

Hair accessories you do not use


Old T-shirts you do not even use for sleep


Torn pantyhose


And when I say to throw away, I mean to donate, recycle or sell.

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