To get to know yourself

Everyone has a choice, and the choice is what we are. In life, arguments for “for” and “against” always exist. Which argument will prevail depends on reason and feelings.

Our experience makes us wise, but that does not automatically mean that we do the right thing. It is important not to hurt the people we meet. At least it should not be conscious if we does. Because you can not be happy if sadness is a state of the people you love. Choosing to be yourself just seems easy. What we will be depends from the places and people we meets. Traveling and discovering the world – this is the surest way to get to know yourself. The mirror reflects the features of the face we have acquired during our little trips. The good thing is that most wrinkles are of love. Some – because they were shared and others – no. But love is the one with which our experience is marked. Because choosing to be yourself necessarily depends on another. Our friends are what we are. While we travel to get to know the world, sometimes we seem to meet our lost halves, and this sense makes us feel more relaxed and joyful.

With everyday we know not only the world around us. Every second, we feel and think and even have a dialogue with ourselves, without realizing it. If we learn to get the positive from everything, we will surely be happy with the choice we will have to make in the future.

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