Why is it difficult to be a woman

When I walk down the streets I meet very few good-looking people, but let me talk about women. And many times I asked, “Why the hell, this woman pulls out of the wardrobe the first thing she sees in the morning, combing her hair and leave. There are really natural-endowed women who look stunning with little effort and it is true that the inner beauty is reflected from the outside, but to look good you need effort. And this is the answer to my question “why”.

Because it is difficult. It requires time, diligence, means and nerves. For a woman who looks good, no day off. She either is in the beauty saloon or take care for herself alone. She sleeps late and gets up early, washing, starving, hairstyle, makeup, and all that is cost her time for sleep, rest and sometimes time for loved ones. It is difficult for a woman to get back from work and after all the housework she has, instead of lying down, washing her hair, making a manicure, and preparing clothes for the next day. It’s hard to get up in the morning before the kids, to make up and make a hairstyle. The everyday life of today’s woman is tense and time is very valuable. It’s hard for a woman to have nice clothes. Nice clothes are finding hard and costly. Good and affordable clothes require a lot of demand, fixes, thinking and time to get them.

Most women look careless because it’s easier. That’s why when we see a beautiful woman we admire, because behind that there is effort, and everything done with effort is more beautiful. And when you meet such a woman tomorrow morning on the way to work, know she’s tired, exhausted, hungry, she’s getting up early,and going to bed late and all she’s doing is hard and worthwhile for admiration.


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