Loners – the best friends

Most people try to fit into society, they are looking for their group to share interests, behavior, and style. But there are people who are not excited about it. They do not want to fit, they do not follow the crowd, they do not mind being alone, and prefer to miss those things they find trivial and uninteresting.

womanTo be loner does not mean to be lonely. In fact, these are two opposite characteristics. A person who feels lonely is not a loner, because the lonians themselves choose to be alone and do not mind that. If you have loners friends among your friends, you should feel really privileged because they choose their friends very carefully. This does not mean they are inflated or arrogant, on the contrary – they are realistic. That’s why they are able to analyze people and properly judge with whom it is worth to communicate. Loners do not like superficial themes and gossip, they avoid people who are excited from such a things. You will hardly see such people at parties or in discos, they prefer to have fun in quiet places and go out with people who are not too noisy, cheeky or arrogant. If you are a friend of such a person, it means that he feels free in your presence.  They have little friends, but they are the closest friends you will ever meet.

In order not to lose such friends, you must always be honest and open to them even if you have done something wrong. They hold on to honesty, and they can forgive many things if they see that you are truly sorry. Well, do you know such a man? Or maybe you are such?

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