Energy vampires ,or how to deal with them

If you’ve ever felt unpleasant energy on yourself after meeting someone person – you’ve been dealing with an energy vampire. Negative people tend to drain your positive energy and fill you with their pessimistic feelings.

For the energy vampire, life is nasty and unfair. He criticizes and insults others without considering that it hurts them. Negative people are not able to generate positive vampire

energy. They feed on the energy of others without having a sense of conscience about it. To deal with the energy vampire, you need to learn to say no. Avoid communicating with this type of person. If this is impossible, try not to answer their questions and attacks. Soon you will notice that they will give up the contact with you. Be polite with the energy vampires, witch hold high positions as superiors and employers, but do not let them “drink” your energy. Do not answer on personal questions and do not give any information about your personal life. Be careful with people who are manipulative, sneaky, cunning and power-loving. Do not trust them and do not let them abuse your good temper.

When meeting an energy vampire, the most important thing is not to succumb to his attacks and to think positively. Do not let them ruin your day!

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