Congratulations to you, men whose ladies feel special and loved!

Today I want to congratulate the men. Those men who can make a woman feel Woman. That is talent.  And not as a woman to be such, as to her mate to make her feel special.

I often forget that I am a woman. Before I insisted that I was a girl, but over the years somehow have to accept the fact that the girl was somewhere in the past and now have to take the road to my women growth. Along with this growth it became clear to me that the woman is a woman when there is proper male presence. I am convinced that behind every beautiful and stately woman stands a man who loved her greatly. Or a man who greatly hurt her and caused she to grow over him. Or even a stranger who had smiled affably in the day when her favorite guy did not even call her. I am not a Female for (because of) someone. But I am a woman because of all I can give. Now or sometime. The woman is a flower that grows under the gentle care. The woman is a flower that blooms for love. The woman is power. She chooses. She lives and giving life. But she always needs a stimulus to be such …

Congratulations to you, men whose ladies feel special and loved.


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