Women’s dictionary


From time immemorial men joke that they must to have a glossary to help them understand women. According to them, our “yes” means “no”, “do not know” means “do not want” and “Good” means that the situation is not at all good. So I decided to help with solving a few simple examples.

For example, you tell her that you had a plan to watch a movie or go somewhere with your friends. If she say: “As you decide!” Or “Do what you want!” this does not mean that she will take your decision. On the contrary! If you go to the meeting in question with friends – bad for you. There will be long to “pay” for those few hours. “Nothing!” – this is the most dangerous word in a relationship. When a woman says “Nothing!” it means only one thing – this is a problem and you will need to do everything possible to find out what it is. Do not wait for she alone to say! It will become even worse for you. Or “I’m fine!”. It certainly is anything, but not well. You must know that in such moments everyone around the lady tread on thin ice and it can explode like a time bomb.

Well, the boys may be right to some extent, because we do not really know what we want at times. Besides these funny phrases, women have the power to utter a few seemingly innocent words that are actually quite dangerous and everyone of you should be alert when you hear a woman to use any of them … I hope I helped.


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