If today were my last day

If today is the last day of my life, what would I do? I ask myself this question many times. But however, I decide that this question somehow is irrelevant – after all, tomorrow I’ll wake up and I quickly banish him from my mind. I not insist on an answer.

It seems as if my tomorrow is a granted – it has nowhere to go, nor me. I will’m. And I, and my favorite people and the thousands of options from which to take advantage. They will be here, right? Right?!?! We live a lot more in tomorrow than today. But must to be the opposite. Because tomorrow there might be, but can not. So do not delay the important things. Be with your loved ones today. Say “I love you” today. Bring your new clothes today. Because today is the day to be beautiful. Do not wait ‘to happen next, “to come good moment” because he might not come. Do not hesitate and do not waste your time. Do not keep anything for tomorrow. Everything happened today – and happiness, and love, and errors and joy and precious time with loved ones. Because time has never been and will not be on our side. The future does not belong to us, because nobody knows how many from it is given to us.

Be more honest. More bolder. More assertive in front of themselves. Do not think too much because too much thinking is waste of time. And time is life. So ask yourself: “If today were my last day?”. And replies to this question! But honestly.

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