Perfect ?!

What prevents you’re perfect? Excess weight, smoking habit or insatiable craving for chocolate? Nobody is perfect. Everyone has some weaknesses.

Well, there is no way in everything to be perfect. Admit it and forget it. Unfortunate but a fact. This does not mean not to strive for perfection. Do not compare yourself to anyone, because you’re the only and unique. Surely you own talents and weaknesses. Accept them. If you want to change something in yourself – do it, but stop to blame for your imperfections. Believe me, everyone is wonderful and unique! Why not cherish every moment of our lives? We think that eventually we will do something. Decide who manages your life – you or the fate. Do not expect a gift of fate while you sitting with his arms folded. It is terrible to realize how many opportunities we have missed over the years. It is enough for you feel pleasure, while lying on the couch and eat chocolate? This is only your choice. If we do not try, we can not understand. For example, you dream to becom a singer like Lady Gaga. Do you think that besides millions of fans and piles of money , will bring you also overloading, lack of free time and a lot of restrictions. You handle it? This is a question that all ask ourselves every time you need to take some more serious commitment or even a higher position at work. But we can not know if we not try.

Being perfect is an impossible task, but we should never stop to strive for it. Follow stubbornly your goals! You can do this!

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