Me, Myself and I

From today I choose to draw attention to myself. I will make it for myself ,for all compromises, for all stolen from me moments ,for all cases in which I ignored myself to satisfy the desires of someone else. From today I choose to love myself!

When you start putting yourself on first place, you must learn to be tolerant to the anger and frustration of others. This is the inevitable reaction from those whose needs so far you put in front of yours own. Do not argue, apologize or justify. Try to stay as calm and in good spirits and to continue with your activities. Changes you make in your life, makes others around you to change and it is quite natural for them to resist. You should carefully listen to your inner voice that tells what is right and good for you, and to follow it. Try to silence the voices of others, because they will always detach you from yourself. A small dose of selfishness does not harm anyone!

Finally, to stay selfish ,means to admit ,that your own value is great ,that your talent deserve manifestation ,that your satisfaction is just as important as that of others, that your best SELF is the greatest gift ,that you can give to the world and especially the people around you.

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